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Public Pools in Westchester County

public pools

The weather is finally warming up! That means pool season is almost here! Check out some of the public pools in Westchester County!

If you’re on the fence about getting a Westchester Park Pass, you should definitely get one. Discounts to all the public pools in Westchester County are included in your pass. Plus, you only have to renew it once every 3 years.

Saxon Woods Pool

This chlorine behemoth is as far as the eyes can see. It has an area for younger non swimmers with a water playground and slides. There are plentiful picnic areas so be sure to pack your lunches! There is space to lounge and a large shower/dressing area. Keep in mind that the bathrooms are on the opposite end of the kiddie play areas. It is relatively clean and well maintained even with the enormous amount of people that use this facility. If you’d rather stay dry, they just rebuilt their playgrounds up front or try a round of mini-golf.

Wilson Woods Wave Pool 

Yup, I said wave pool and let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I know lots of moms feel so intimidated by this pool, but it is my favorite. It’s basically like a beach and has a gradual decline, so the further you go in, the waves get wavier and the water gets deeper. If the waves are a bit much, there is a great sprinkler park where they can run through a water playground. Also, there is a huge water slide for the big kids out in the back. Facilities are a bit shabbier. However, there are also grassy areas where you can lay out in the sun.

Tibbets Brook Pool

The perfect spot whether you want to be active and play in-pool basketball or volleyball, or more like me and spend your day lounging in the lazy river. There is a spray park, playground area for the little ones, and two water slides. You really can’t go wrong spending your summers at this pool, at any age it’s got something for everyone. There are also non wet activities like trails, playgrounds, lakes, and even ball fields.

Sprain Ridge Pool 

This spot was recently renovated and has zero depth entry (gradual decline). A great pool, without the bells and whistles. Just a fun place to lounge and splash around. The second phase being renovated this year will include lap pools.

Weekends are tough, so arrive early and expect long lines to get in. They quickly reach maximum capacity, so plan ahead. Parking and fee information is located here. Come with a packed (soft, 12”) cooler and a waterproof picnic blanket. Snack bars are available at all facilities. Pools open June 22 – September 3rd. Enjoy the season while it lasts.

Where is your go-to spot for summer fun?

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