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How to Be an Ally to the Black Community

Let me start off by acknowledging the confusion and fear that many of you are experiencing. As the world watches the rise of our Black Lives Matter movement, people are shocked, hurt, and most of you are looking for ways to let your black friends know that while you could never understand what they are […]

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Where Are the Rules?

I’m a rule follower. I drive at the speed limit, keep my kids in the appropriate size car seats, and always meticulously measure out the teaspoon of salt in a recipe. Following rules gives me security in my actions and defense that I am doing the right things, that anything adverse is out of my […]

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Tug-of-War: The Game of Life

Tug-of-War: The Game of Life

The game of tug-of-war was always my favorite in gym class when I was in elementary school. I loved the rush pulsing through my veins when my team was pulling their hardest to get the other team dragged through the dirt. But then so quickly being pulled and yanked across the lawn, only to land […]

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thrive, survive, maintain

Thrive, Survive, Maintain

In what feels like a past life, I was a labor and postpartum doula. I helped couples navigate their way through the early days of parenthood. What’s been striking to me lately, is how relevant the new parent advice is during this new normal of pandemic or quarantine life… in fact, much of it is […]

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There Is a Light

There is a light… The light may be a bit dim at this current moment, but if we can manage to keep the light going in our souls, we will truly see how radiant it can be. We all are encountering the impact that some days are harder than others. Most days we can keep […]

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waiting or living

Are We Living or Are We Waiting?

We were early to the shelter in place party. On March 7th, we received notice that a faculty member in the school system tested positive, and schools would be closed for two weeks. Naively, we thought we were granted a two-week reprieve from the craziness. A ticket to slow down and work from home, clean […]

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still dance

I Can Still Dance

We each have a “go-to” activity to fight stress. Under normal circumstances, we choose ways to decompress so we can function properly throughout a stressful week. Some moms like shopping for hours for useless gadgets, getting a bit giddy after that second glass of wine while out to dinner, or meeting your best friend/therapist for […]

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toddler meditation

I Meditate With My Toddler (Really!)

That title contains two things that sound like polar-opposites; meditation and toddlers. One is centering, calm, and often quiet. The other is loud, messy, and could be described as a Tasmanian devil. I’ll let you guess which of those descriptions goes with which each of those very different things. Toddlers are obviously fast-paced, and boy, […]

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