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mom friends

Mom Friends 101

Feeling a sense of real emotional connections with other women has been crucial to my adult survival as a mom, wife, and woman trying to live my best life. I have always entered friendships with little expectations, and when granted the gift of a girlfriend, providing me with the emotional needs I craved, I felt […]

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more than enough

Hang in There Mama

Hang in there mama…you are enough. Some days the exhaustion and anxiety of not being enough just seem to envelop one’s soul. But hang in there mama…you are enough. There may be Legos covering every inch of the floor from the previous temper tantrum, but one day the floors will be spotless. So, hang in […]

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evidence-based parenting

I Am an Evidence Based Parent

When I was pregnant, I often had people ask me, “What type of parent are you going to be?” What they really meant was, “What kind of parenting philosophy do you ascribe to?” We often hear these terms thrown around, both in social settings and in the media. Attachment parenting. Free-range parenting. And so on.  […]

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The Day I Destroyed a Picasso

It was a mothering moment that now makes me cringe with embarrassment and remorse.    The basement, where my then five (now 24-year-old) daughter played, was suspiciously quiet. I rushed downstairs and saw my daughter from afar. She stood, with an adorable grin on her face, staring up at a wall. Whatever she was observing was, […]

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Showing your kids who you truly are.

Where the Person Meets the Parent

As a person, I’m messy, a little lazy, kind of selfish, I procrastinate, and can bounce around from task to task. As a parent, however, I’m the fixer. I find solutions, I’m efficient, I bring calm and order, and make sure everyone has what they need at the appropriate time. Where these two intersect is where […]

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planned pregnancy

The Power of Planning Parenthood

I have a son and a daughter, but I’ve been pregnant three times. I didn’t miscarry a baby, I terminated a pregnancy. In my early 20s, I got pregnant accidentally, and I exercised my legal right to an abortion. That decision shaped me in ways that make me a better mom today. To have an abortion […]

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Working Mom Life Reversed: Meet Shira

After twenty-four years basking in the blessings and tribulations of life as a working mom (my daughter is 24 and my son is 20), I once again get to delight in diaper changing, finger painting, and dancing to a wide selection of toddler tunes. Nope – I’m not a grandmother. I’ve opened my own childcare […]

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