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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Traditions

Even before I became a mother, Mother’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. It is just one of those days with beautiful flowers and lots of love.   I know some would say, “Everyday should be like Mother’s Day,” or “It’s just another hallmark holiday.” But it’s not, and I think it’s so much […]

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always something

It’s Always Something

Motherhood. It ain’t easy! And just when I think I’ve got everything under control someone pukes in the car… This past Spring Break I was killing it! I took the kids to our favorite indoor play space, we baked, I made homemade play-dough, and I even got caught up on some work and cleaned out […]

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Bad a$$ Mama

A Mama’s Guide to Empowerment

Let’s face it, as moms we are under a tremendous amount of pressure raising our little ones in the hopes they will be happy, healthy, and well adjusted. Some of us are stay-at-home moms (been there), while others are working moms (done that). What all of us have in common, (aside from the soul crushing […]

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white lie

Don’t Blame Me….The Kids Did It!

My husband came home from a business trip recently. On his usual Saturday morning routine of picking up after the slobs that he apparently left behind (us), he noticed some sticky, shiny, icky goo on our couch. “This isn’t coming off. She (our daughter) can’t eat that candy again.”  I know the spot that he is referring to immediately. My daughter had been eating that […]

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Sex and the Single Mom: Recycling Exes

There is an ease and comfort in exes. That is why, on occasion, I have gone back to an ex. When the prospect of putting myself out there in order to meet someone new was too much to handle, but I wanted a plus-one, an ex seemed like the perfect solution. So, I rationalized why […]

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