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bodymorph md

Bodymorph MD

This post is sponsored by BodyMorph MD. Please support our sponsors. Bodymorph MD offers a complete medical weight loss solution that aims to promote wellness in a combined medical and aesthetic fashion. It has the most innovative and ingenious technologies which provide numerous benefits.  EMSCULPT, through its High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic applicators, produces at […]

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ordinary people

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times

These past weeks I have been experiencing the surreal sense of playing the part of a character in a historical fiction novel or movie, accepting and even striving to embrace the role given to me – that of an ordinary person trying to navigate through extraordinary times with as much integrity as possible.    Some dramatize […]

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breast lift

4 Myths About Breast Lifts

This post is sponsored by Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York. Please support our sponsors.You’re not alone if saggy breasts are the one physical feature you’d really like to fix after breastfeeding. Marketing gurus know this, which is why “miracle” skin-tightening creams and exercises that promise to create perky breasts pop up relentlessly in magazines […]

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Looking to Change Schools? Consider Sending Your Child to Kindergarten at a Catholic School!

This post is sponsored by Archdiocese of New York. Please support our sponsors.With over 30 schools in Westchester and Putnam Counties, Kindergarten at a Catholic School engages kids in learning while having fun in class. Apply Now! Take Advantage of Available Financial Incentives Financial assistance is still available: the earlier families apply, the better their […]

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Date Night active spots

2020 Date Night Guide {the best active spots in Westchester County}

Shower? Check. Clothes that aren’t meant for working out? Check. Babysitter? Check. “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t care. Where do you want to go?” Sound familiar? We feel pretty lucky to live in Westchester County, where there are tons of options for awesome date nights. But honestly, sometimes the sheer number of [...]
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WhizKidz Tutoring

Confidence and Success with WhizKidz Tutoring

This post is sponsored by WhizKidz Tutoring. Please support our sponsors. WhizKidz Tutoring comes to your Westchester home on your schedule, for students of all ages and abilities. They provide expert tutoring in your Westchester County home to fit your family’s busy schedule. Pre-K through College Prep, all subjects, languages, test prep, special ed, executive […]

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Pop Spanish

Pop Spanish – Preschool Language Immersion

This post is sponsored by Pop Spanish, but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.My family and I chose our neighborhood because we wanted our children to grow up and go to school in a diverse environment. My district offers a high-quality dual-language program, but unfortunately, my son did not get a spot […]

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