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How to Be an Ally to the Black Community

Let me start off by acknowledging the confusion and fear that many of you are experiencing. As the world watches the rise of our Black Lives Matter movement, people are shocked, hurt, and most of you are looking for ways to let your black friends know that while you could never understand what they are […]

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can't do it alone

You’re Not Alone

We don’t have to do it alone. We were never meant to. – Brené Brown. When I left my corporate job in June of 2009 it was for some very practical reasons. My husband and I made the decision that I wouldn’t return to work after the birth of our second baby, and it largely revolved […]

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mom friends

Mom Friends 101

Feeling a sense of real emotional connections with other women has been crucial to my adult survival as a mom, wife, and woman trying to live my best life. I have always entered friendships with little expectations, and when granted the gift of a girlfriend, providing me with the emotional needs I craved, I felt […]

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mom meetup

Westchester Mommy Meetups

One of the best parts of contributing to Westchester County Moms Blog is the ability to share essential parenting resources with local families. Why spend hours Googling and searching for answers when you have access to an abundance of information right here at your fingertips? Recently one of our readers reached out via Facebook, wondering […]

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park play dates

Park Hop Play Dates!

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out a way to get some structured play time in to your summer schedule without breaking the bank? I remember thinking that play dates needed to consist of an activity like visiting a movie theater or grabbing a bite to eat. The truth of the matter […]

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