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mom friends

Mom Friends 101

Feeling a sense of real emotional connections with other women has been crucial to my adult survival as a mom, wife, and woman trying to live my best life. I have always entered friendships with little expectations, and when granted the gift of a girlfriend, providing me with the emotional needs I craved, I felt […]

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pain in the neck

A Pain in the Neck

The average American checks their phone an average of once every 12 minutes. That totals up to 80 times a day. Us moms probably check our phones way more than that! In this day in age, when our phones are our calendars, emails, timers, and many other forms of communication, there is no way around […]

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Meet Isabel

It feels like it was just yesterday that my mother was in her 30s. Whenever I look back at that time period I smile because all I can remember is my mom looking beautiful, radiant and full of life! All I could think was, “That’s what I want to look like at that age!” Now, […]

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defense of older moms

In Defense of Older Moms

The other day a pregnant friend told me she’d been strong-armed by her ObGyn into submitting to an invasive genetic screening due to her “advanced maternal age.” She’s thirty-six. I’ll leave the rant about being bullied by physicians for another post. This post is about being a woman of so-called advanced age—which, when you’re pregnant, […]

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