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Swim Like a Fish at Goldfish Swim School

This post was sponsored by Goldfish Swim School but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.

In the dead of the winter, all I wanted to think about was summer – splashing in the pool and enjoying the sunshine. What was really at the forefront of my mind in that image was my daughter’s swimming skills. She will be four in August and still swims with her trusty puddle jumper. My sister, a former college swimmer, has been pushing me to get her into lessons so that she can finally be free of her flotation device.

When I heard Goldfish Swim School was opening in Yorktown Heights, I couldn’t wait to sign my daughter up. I had heard such wonderful testimonials from friends about their programs and philosophy and was eager to try it out! Not only is swimming a life skill from a safety perspective, it is also so important for emotional, mental, and physical development. 

The main reason I enrolled my daughter was for her to learn water safety skills. We are around pools quite a bit and with now having a 17-month-old in tow, it was important to me to make safety a number one priority when it comes to swimming. Giving her the opportunity to feel confident in swimming and floating eases my mind in knowing that her risk of drowning is greatly reduced. I also believe she will be much more confident as a child if she can swim unassisted and that lessons will enhance her ability to take turns, cooperate, and listen. 

I feel that Goldfish Swim Schools is doing an amazing job in building this lifelong skill in children in a fun environment. Their signature philosophy, known as “The Science of SwimPlay,” is a guided play-based swim program in a safe environment. The space that they have created is comfortable and inviting with a tropical-atmosphere (which I loved, since it was January when we started), shiver-free (and very clean) pools, 4:1 student to teacher ratios, and year round programs.

Families can drop in for a single lesson or enroll in a membership with many different options for lesson days and times. Included in the membership, but also available for drop in, is their family swim. Family swim is a great opportunity for young swimmers to show off their new skills, play around with the giant goldfish pool toys, take a spin on the foam canoe or bike, all for an amazing price. Also available, are private parties where Goldfish staff will handle all of the details, decorations, set up, clean up, lifeguards, and even cupcakes! What a fun way to say “Happy Birthday” while exposing children to the fun of swimming!

Some features of Goldfish Swim School include:

  • A unique curriculum that’s convenient and can work with your busy schedule
  • A wide variety of available program options, including infant and toddler swim lessons
  • Shiver-free pools that are a pleasant 90° all year long
  • An emotionally and intellectually stimulating environment
  • Air-conditioned viewing galleries equipped with free Wi-Fi
  • Convenient access to snacks and swim gear
  • Safety and supervision at all times
  • Private dressing rooms as well as hair dryers

Overall, I was very pleased with the space and the program and I think you will be too! So what are you waiting for? Grab the goggles, swim suits, and towels and head over to Goldfish for a splashing good time!

Join Goldfish Swim School this Friday, May 3rd for a free event open to the public for Water Safety Day with open swims, water safety presentations, balloon twisting, face painting and more. Click here for more information.

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