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family activity

Inspiring Family Activities!

Did you know that we can inspire one another to be more active? This year’s Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s annual Topline Participation Report revealed some interesting statistics. The percentage of Americans aged six and over that are physically inactive is at about 27.6% (this number has remained just about the same since 2012). The […]

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mess up

We are all in this together

This blog post you are about to read is true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The other night as I was putting my boys to bed, my husband yelled upstairs, “Linds, call Rosie Smith. Tell her Gilbert found her purse in ShopRite.” I chuckled as I picked up my phone […]

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Mommy You’re Perfect

About a year ago a very dark spot suddenly appeared on my upper lip. At first I was able to cover it up with some heavy duty makeup, but I started to notice the spot seemed to be getting bigger…and possibly darker. Finally my husband convinced me to go to the dermatologist. The doctor immediately […]

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Pest Control - Head Lice Removal and Lice Treatment Service Westchester New York

A Lice Free Noggin

If you have school-age children, then you know about lice. And that means you need to know about Westchester County Moms Blog sponsor, Lice Free Noggins. They are a professional in-home lice treatment and lice removal service. Lice Free Noggins offers a safe and effective head lice removal treatment for your entire family. They will […]

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