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Let’s Hear it for Local Volunteers! Send Us Your Shout Outs!

local volunteer shout outsNational Volunteer Week 2017 is April 23-29, and I might be biased, but I would have to say that Westchester County and the Hudson Valley have some of the best volunteer spirit and community participation. As a parent, I notice it mostly in schools and in youth sports, but we also have those working in our parks, food pantries, animal shelters, libraries, Habitat for Humanity, community leadership and activism, the red cross, and so much more!

We obviously cannot thank them enough for their time, their service, and their expertise. Our volunteers are role models; they take the initiative to help shape our communities and better the lives of us all.

Which is why Westchester County Moms Blog wants to give a shout-out to all of our local volunteers this week.  We love and appreciate you all. You choose to make a difference and we thank you for that. We also want to give you, our readers, a platform to thank your favorite volunteer or group of volunteers.

How can you participate?

  1. Think of a volunteer or group of volunteers that aren’t thanked enough for their service.
  2. Email your shout-out (with a picture) to [email protected] starting today until  April 29th.  Please include the town you are from.
  3. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram from April 28th to 30th when we will share all of your shout-outs!
  4. Don’t forget to tag your volunteer.

Also, if the spirit of National Volunteer Week is making you want to do a little bit more this week, there are some local events happening to get you involved. Check them out here.


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