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pregnancy guide

A Mom’s Guide to Pregnancy in Westchester County

The journey through pregnancy is full of exciting, joyful, nerve wracking, tired, and unique moments. From the moment you see those two pink lines, you work hard to be a wonderful mom by getting prenatal care, researching baby gear, and staying fit and healthy. Sometimes, though, the choices are overwhelming and you don’t know where [...]
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office banter

Office Life – Social Media Style

I’ve been working in Corporate America for a little over 26 years. And as 16 of those were in Human Resources, you can safely assume that I’ve been afforded quite the opportunity to observe the best and worst of human interactions. Which is keenly similar to how social media lets us observe mankind these days, right? So I thought […]

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middle school

Raising Resilient, Independent Children Starts in Middle School

This post was sponsored by The Harvey School. Thank you for supporting our sponsors. Middle school education has been reduced to a number of stereotypes for too long. What is considered to be one of the most critical time periods in a child’s life is often overlooked as “lost” time of awkward transition from childhood […]

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