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Laundry: Friend or Foe?

Laundry, so often a dreaded word in a bustling house full of four teenage girls. I am truly amazed at how much laundry, in one day, starts to take over the hamper and overflow into the hallway, as if bubbles escaping the tub. And this is where my love/hate relationship saga begins with the laundry. […]

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more than enough

Hang in There Mama

Hang in there mama…you are enough. Some days the exhaustion and anxiety of not being enough just seem to envelop one’s soul. But hang in there mama…you are enough. There may be Legos covering every inch of the floor from the previous temper tantrum, but one day the floors will be spotless. So, hang in […]

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evidence-based parenting

I Am an Evidence Based Parent

When I was pregnant, I often had people ask me, “What type of parent are you going to be?” What they really meant was, “What kind of parenting philosophy do you ascribe to?” We often hear these terms thrown around, both in social settings and in the media. Attachment parenting. Free-range parenting. And so on.  […]

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