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5 Things We're Loving For Baby #3!

5 Things We’re Loving for Baby #3!

You would think by the time baby #3 made his adorable debut into our lives, we’d have had everything we ever could have needed, especially being lucky enough to have three boys. Every baby product we own is already suited to raise another little gentleman – clothes, crib sheets, swaddle blankets, etc – yet we’ve fallen […]

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The One-Two Punch

Recently, I gave birth to my second baby. I didn’t expect that going from one to two kids would be easy. Throughout my pregnancy I was adequately warned by lots of people I trust. “With two kids you’re now fully immersed in parenting,” said the midwife. Friends with two kids said things like, “The first […]

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How to Boost Your Child’s Language Skills – Tricks of the Trade!

As a speech pathologist for almost nine years, I am constantly reflecting on how I can use every opportunity with my kids to boost language skills. Parents always ask me how they can help facilitate good communication skills. As a mom I get it, the paranoia is real! “Does my child say enough compared to […]

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Essential Baby Gear for Traveling

The weather has finally started warming up and this means summer vacations are on the horizon. Many parents may feel the sense of dread in preparing for long haul trips. Don’t worry, here are a few essential baby gear for your travels. Essential Gear 1. Car Seats: Buy or borrow another car seat, only for travel. […]

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Pumping Essentials

Going back to work after a long break is hard. Going back to work after maternity leave is harder; especially if its your first time. I remember it vividly, going back to teaching after a long, sleepless, unpaid 12 week maternity leave. I remember thinking, “It can’t be time. My baby is not old enough […]

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