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local farms

3 Local Farms You Must Visit This Month

As a new mother and health-enthusiast, I am always excited about organic produce… Just not always about the price tag. I’ve written at length about the importance of buying seasonal fruits and vegetables and price is definitely a big reason why, but I mainly encourage it because of nutritional value and taste difference (the produce […]

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Get Sleeping!

Getting enough sleep is just as important as healthy eating and exercise. Sleep is an incredibly important part of a keeping healthy and performing well in school. Lack of sleep has been connected to greater risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression, hyperactivity, irritability and impulsivity problems with skills (i.e. attention, concentration, memory, problem-solving […]

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the art of feeding children

The Art of Feeding Children

Feeding children is an art. Each child is different, and we need to approach food mindfully and peacefully. Parents and caregivers must remind themselves to stay mindful and peaceful, sometimes on a daily basis, and not to be too quick to label their children. Many parents and caregivers label their children as “picky eaters.” My son […]

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pregnancy guide

A Mom’s Guide to Pregnancy in Westchester County

The journey through pregnancy is full of exciting, joyful, nerve wracking, tired, and unique moments. From the moment you see those two pink lines, you work hard to be a wonderful mom by getting prenatal care, researching baby gear, and staying fit and healthy. Sometimes, though, the choices are overwhelming and you don’t know where [...]
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stress management

Taking Time to Manage Stress

The importance of stress management is common information, but did you know that stress actually impacts your overall health and longevity? Stress is a substantial risk factor for heart disease. Similar to smoking, it accelerates the atherosclerotic process. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries, and over time this plaque […]

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Upping My Water Game

Congratulations, you have officially met the world’s worst water drinker. It’s true, I have gone hours, even days without having one sip of water, only sustaining on coffee, soda or juice. Gross I know. Friends and family would constantly go on about the benefits of staying hydrated; better skin, weight loss, promotion of cardiovascular health. […]

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A Mindful Mother

You know you love your kids when they drive you completely nuts but you still manage to help them with their homework, make the family dinner, and tuck them into bed, all just to repeat the whole process again the next morning. You’ve heard it before: ‘It’s important to make time for yourself’ or ‘Try […]

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