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clay craft

An Any Day Clay Project

Y’all I have recently become very crafty! Ok, “very” is an overstatement. So maybe I have just done a project or two. I am so inspired by the lifestyle brand A Beautiful Mess and have wanted to try ALL THE THINGS they post tutorials for on their blog. And even though their projects are doable, […]

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The 10th Birthday Celebration: The Last of the Little Kid Parties

If you have preschool aged and/or early elementary aged children, you might be in the throes of weekends filled with birthday parties. Many times the whole class is invited and your children enjoy everything from arts and crafts to rock climbing. If you have more than one child yourself, you are bound to be double-booked once in while! […]

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home garden

Prepping your Home Garden

As the winter draws near, our homes keep us busy with fall cleanup! Aside from clearing the leaves, pruning plants and getting our home ready for the cold of the winter, it is easy to overlook the home garden. If you want a successful garden for the next growing season, there are things we should […]

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cloud storage

Easy Cloud Photo Storage

Let’s make cloud photo storage less scary and free up some space on your phones. You’ve finally gotten a hold of that fancy new phone! It works with your favorite apps to turn on your lights, unlock your door, or allow you to launch your toddler’s favorite song with just your voice. All you really care […]

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fall crafts

5 Fall Crafts for Little Artists

Celebrating the change of seasons is such a beautiful thing when you have young children. And what a great opportunity it is for them to learn! Fall is a wonderful time for our little ones, especially as they learn their colors and start to become interested in painting. Here are five fun, artistic activities you […]

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mom it yourself part 1

MIY: Mom it Yourself {Part 1}

The Fireplace. We just  bought a vacation house in the Poconos, in a cute private community right next to a lake. It’s not the beach house I always wanted, but it’s an escape from the city and it’s memories for my daughter to make, so I’m happy. It’s a gorgeous chalet style house that’s big […]

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12 Shockingly Super Easy Holiday Sugar Cookies

I am always surprised (and very pleased) when complimented for my decorative holiday sugar cookies. I always tell people that they could probably do it, too, because it really isn’t as hard as it looks. In this post, I will share with you 12 easy designs that can be enhanced to fit anyone’s skill level. […]

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Sometimes a plunger just isn't enough.

Love Your Toilet: A Mom’s Guide to Plumbing

  Today was a good day. Today, the new toilet came. Today is Toilet Christmas. (Or Chanukah, in our house. But a universal holiday, nonetheless.) As a mother, a wife and a human being, toilets and I have a passionate yet complicated relationship. Some days I think about the toilet once or twice. Some days, […]

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