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toddler meditation

I Meditate With My Toddler (Really!)

That title contains two things that sound like polar-opposites; meditation and toddlers. One is centering, calm, and often quiet. The other is loud, messy, and could be described as a Tasmanian devil. I’ll let you guess which of those descriptions goes with which each of those very different things. Toddlers are obviously fast-paced, and boy, […]

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turning sixty

Sixty is the New Me

This is what I know so far. Sixty is an extraordinarily tough year. Amidst Type A flu, the stomach bug, leap year, and now the coronavirus, I turned 60 years old. A midlife crisis hit me so hard this past decade. But the weird thing is I never even noticed it because ironically, I was too […]

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more than enough

Hang in There Mama

Hang in there mama…you are enough. Some days the exhaustion and anxiety of not being enough just seem to envelop one’s soul. But hang in there mama…you are enough. There may be Legos covering every inch of the floor from the previous temper tantrum, but one day the floors will be spotless. So, hang in […]

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Looking to Change Schools? Consider Sending Your Child to Kindergarten at a Catholic School!

This post is sponsored by Archdiocese of New York. Please support our sponsors.With over 30 schools in Westchester and Putnam Counties, Kindergarten at a Catholic School engages kids in learning while having fun in class. Apply Now! Take Advantage of Available Financial Incentives Financial assistance is still available: the earlier families apply, the better their […]

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50th birthday

The Big Five OH!

1970 babes! This is it boys and girls – the year we turn 50. The 50th birthday. Before we go any further, let’s get the cliches out of the way. G’head…get them out of your system. It’ll make you feel better.  50 & Fabulous!  I Can’t Keep Calm. I’m Turning 50!  50 is the new […]

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