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summer and music canva

Summer and Music are the Perfect Pair

Summer and Music. Music and Summer. Anyway you look at it, it’s a perfect match. Summertime offers a lighter feeling of less structure – almost a vibe that life is simpler. Albeit, as an adult with a full time job, summer isn’t the “break” that it used to be, but there’s still that sense of freedom, joy, love and happiness. […]

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office banter

Office Life – Social Media Style

I’ve been working in Corporate America for a little over 26 years. And as 16 of those were in Human Resources, you can safely assume that I’ve been afforded quite the opportunity to observe the best and worst of human interactions. Which is keenly similar to how social media lets us observe mankind these days, right? So I thought […]

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social media groups

The Odd Growing Sensation Within Social Media Groups

Most mornings I skim my social media accounts to see what I may have missed overnight. Twitter – check. Instagram – check. LinkedIn – check.  Facebook – che….  ….and there it is. This post in a local parents group:  Is the Pleasantville Library currently accepting book donations? All I could do was stare, roll my eyes and shake my head. […]

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white lie

Don’t Blame Me….The Kids Did It!

My husband came home from a business trip recently. On his usual Saturday morning routine of picking up after the slobs that he apparently left behind (us), he noticed some sticky, shiny, icky goo on our couch. “This isn’t coming off. She (our daughter) can’t eat that candy again.”  I know the spot that he is referring to immediately. My daughter had been eating that […]

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