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social media groups

The Odd Growing Sensation Within Social Media Groups

Most mornings I skim my social media accounts to see what I may have missed overnight. Twitter – check. Instagram – check. LinkedIn – check.  Facebook – che….  ….and there it is. This post in a local parents group:  Is the Pleasantville Library currently accepting book donations? All I could do was stare, roll my eyes and shake my head. […]

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white lie

Don’t Blame Me….The Kids Did It!

My husband came home from a business trip recently. On his usual Saturday morning routine of picking up after the slobs that he apparently left behind (us), he noticed some sticky, shiny, icky goo on our couch. “This isn’t coming off. She (our daughter) can’t eat that candy again.”  I know the spot that he is referring to immediately. My daughter had been eating that […]

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The 10th Birthday Celebration: The Last of the Little Kid Parties

If you have preschool aged and/or early elementary aged children, you might be in the throes of weekends filled with birthday parties. Many times the whole class is invited and your children enjoy everything from arts and crafts to rock climbing. If you have more than one child yourself, you are bound to be double-booked once in while! […]

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winter time

Wintertime Wonders: Snow Day Shoppers

Looking back at my childhood growing up in NYC, I don’t remember the mass hysteria about impending snow storms that there is today. This could be because NYC schools were never, ever closed for snow back then and most commuters relied on public transportation. We also didn’t have 24/7 news and social media to provide constant reminders of “the […]

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