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Tattoo – Why I Decided to Get One After 40

taˈto͞o/ verb verb: tattoo; 3rd person present: tattoos; past tense: tattooed; past participle: tattooed; gerund or present participle: tattooing 1. mark (a person or a part of the body) with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin. “his cheek was tattooed with a winged fist” 2. make (an indelible design) on […]

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Kids, big and small, come to play at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

I am quite sure people everywhere have played with LEGOS at some point in their life. Either from when they were younger, or with their children now, or both! That’s why we love Westchester County Moms Blog sponsor, LEGOLAND Discovery Center! This mall of LEGOS brings everything to life. They have the most extensive displays […]

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Holiday Time and the Never Ending Mom Schedule

Holiday Time  Holiday time is upon us. The schedule that we, as moms, have just gotten used to (school fundraisers, homework, school projects, PTA meetings, sporting events, birthday parties, tutoring schedules, art and cultural activities), will have to be adjusted. They will need to include impromptu family celebrations, lunch outings with friends, dinner parties, potluck […]

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