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Holiday Time and the Never Ending Mom Schedule

Holiday Time  Holiday time is upon us. The schedule that we, as moms, have just gotten used to (school fundraisers, homework, school projects, PTA meetings, sporting events, birthday parties, tutoring schedules, art and cultural activities), will have to be adjusted. They will need to include impromptu family celebrations, lunch outings with friends, dinner parties, potluck […]

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your social life after you have a family life

Your Social Life (After You Have a Family Life)

  In life, some young ladies dream of graduating college, establishing a career, getting married, having children/a dog/a cat, and purchasing a house. What you don’t really know or realize is how your social life will change after you have accomplished some of these “adulting” goals.  As a young woman, I yearned to get a […]

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Juggling Priorities: Weekday Mornings in the Life of a Working Mom

BZZZ….BZZZZ….BZZZZZ…..Situated underneath my pillow, my square shaped hot pink alarm clock goes on at 4:46 am. My husband has already left the house to go to work. Do I get up now? Do I press snooze and enjoy another five minutes in the dark and quiet of the morning? SNOOZE it is. BZZZ…BZZZZ….BZZZZZ……. After hitting […]

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Being a Mom – A Definition and a Way of Life

Being a Mom/Mother is a very distinct title that women handle with passion, persistence, strength, and most importantly, with love. That being said, I sometimes feel like I want to just throw my hands up in the air and say “I DON’T WANNA DO ANYTHING TODAY!” Do you ever feel like you just don’t want […]

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