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When You’re Expecting #3

Every time you expect a new baby, there is lots of excitement and also lots of concerns. For your first baby, you worry about doing everything right. The right diet, buying all the right products, reading #allthethings pertaining to pregnancy, delivery, and babies, etc. With your second, you worry about dividing your time. You worry […]

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nap time

17 Reasons Why I Miss Nap Time

Today, my house is quiet. I almost forgot what that was like. My husband and his brothers took my 4 year old out for the day and it’s just me and baby girl. She is about to be 1 in a few weeks, so naps are an important part of her day.   My son […]

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how are you rocking motherhood?

How Are You Rocking Motherhood?

Recently, the Rocking Motherhood Movement has been making its way around the mommy blogosphere.  Numerous moms are talking about how they are rocking motherhood in an effort to support moms who are feeling less than. In this day and age, when we are bombarded with information on parenting and we are flooded with pictures on social […]

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Why I put my son in dance

Why I Put My Son In Dance

My son, who just turned 4 last month, has been in dance class since the ripe old age of 2.5.  His mom (that’s me) danced growing up, and so did his father for a few years.  In fact, it is because of dance that his father and I met.  It’s kind of one of those fairy […]

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