Passionate About the Westchester County Area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Put Down the Phone

Silence. Looking at your phones. Communication stops and eye-contact is obsolete—more silence. I’m walking away. I’m tired of looking at the top of your heads. I’m speaking! Do you not hear me talking? Do you not hear my voice? I’m trying and attempting to connect, but there is no connection. The connection is lost, but […]

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covid keepers

COVID Keepers

To cope during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have developed habits and rituals that bring me comfort, joy, and stability. Similarly, I’ve seen friends and family cooking and baking (sourdough starter, anyone?), tie-dying and sewing, and practicing yoga and meditation. Many people have participated in Zoom parties, virtual happy hours, regular family walks, and movie nights. […]

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won't censor

No, I Won’t Censor for My Little Kid

I use the word “no” a lot with my almost eight-year-old daughter — to most requests for junk food, to staying up “just a little bit later,” to “just one more episode” of her favorite TV show. But the one category for which I don’t often use the word “no” is when she asks to […]

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teenage years

Are Teenage Years the Best Years?

Are the teenage years the best? Ideally, they should be, but a teenager faces so many changes, physically, mentally, and emotionally that if the parents of a teen are not in tune with them, their best years may actually be their worst. My soon-to-be 16-year-old daughter is not such a typical teenager because of our […]

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How to Be an Ally to the Black Community

Let me start off by acknowledging the confusion and fear that many of you are experiencing. As the world watches the rise of our Black Lives Matter movement, people are shocked, hurt, and most of you are looking for ways to let your black friends know that while you could never understand what they are […]

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Comfort in Cooking With Family and Friends

My feeling of comfort associated with cooking was discovered as a college student preparing a meal after a particularly rough week of exams. I remember whipping up steak and mashed potatoes with carrots. The problem was that I overcooked the potatoes and undercooked the carrots, none of which worked. I messed up the steak too, […]

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Where Are the Rules?

I’m a rule follower. I drive at the speed limit, keep my kids in the appropriate size car seats, and always meticulously measure out the teaspoon of salt in a recipe. Following rules gives me security in my actions and defense that I am doing the right things, that anything adverse is out of my […]

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