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Please Stop: Your Kind Advice Is Not Helping Me

I’m a mom. I get advice. A lot of it. There was a time when I was a first-time mom, and I solicited it quite often. I didn’t care who they were. If they had something to say, they had my ear. Truth be told, even after my third, I still seek it out (though I’m perhaps more selective […]

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What I Learned In My First Year Of Parenthood

My son’s first birthday has been full of opportunities to reflect and reminisce about where we were from pre-pregnancy to the present. That reflection, as well as sharing stories with other moms and pregnant friends, has led me these takeaways from year one. Go With The Flow My birth plan was to deliver naturally without pain medication, with […]

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the night I gave in to sleep regression

The Night I Gave In To The Sleep Regression

  My son’s sleep patterns have always been a bit of a challenge: starting very rough, smoothing out when he first moved to his crib, then hitting the four-month-old sleep regression that didn’t end until we started sleep training at eight months. And now, we’re in the midst of a teething-induced sleep regression. Last night, I […]

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Pumping Essentials

A Working Mom’s Guide to Pumping at Work Going back to work after a long break is hard. Going back to work after maternity leave is harder, especially if its your first time. I remember it vividly, going back to teaching after a long, sleepless, unpaid 12 week maternity leave. I remember thinking, “It can’t […]

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