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A Toast to the Mundane Milestones

I was grabbing a dish out of a cabinet and noticed the bowl that I had previously designated as the soaking bowl for bottles and breast pump parts was back in its rightful place, ready to be used again for mixing and prepping food. And it hit me that this is a sign, a small […]

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6 Life Lessons I'm Learning From (1)

6 Life Lessons I’m Learning From My Two-Year-Old

My son will be turning two this month and boy am I getting a glimpse of what’s to come! Every day Liam pronounces new words, masters a new skill. Every day we discover facets of his developing personality: determined, loving, and oh so funny. But… with these developments come many, many challenges. My job, as a mom, is no longer […]

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There is No Mommy, Only Zuul

There is No Mommy, Only Zuul

Back in my single days, I would leave when I wanted, do what I wanted, and not have to answer to anyone. If I felt like going to White Castle at 11:37pm, I’d do it. I’d be pretty scared and drag my 6’4″ male friend with me as a body guard, because I’m sure all […]

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