Passionate About the Westchester County Area
and the Moms Who Live Here

After The Loss: Some Game Pointers On Reassuring From The Sidelines

  When the buzzer sounds to indicate the game is over, parents finish their conversations in the bleachers, slowly rising to greet their child on the court. “Great playing. Good game” come the chants from the winning side. And from the defeated team, parents encouragingly say, “You’ll get ‘em next time. Don’t worry about it.” […]

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nap time

17 Reasons Why I Miss Nap Time

Today, my house is quiet. I almost forgot what that was like. My husband and his brothers took my 4 year old out for the day and it’s just me and baby girl. She is about to be 1 in a few weeks, so naps are an important part of her day.   My son […]

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pregnant pondering

Why I Chose Homebirth

I’m not writing this article for praise, opinions or debate. I’m not suggesting there’s any right way to give birth, because the truth is, in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is the health of the mother and child. Period. I’m writing it simply to share my experience, perhaps lend some insight to the […]

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I Get it Now {Things I Know Now That I’m a Mom}

  It was my first night home with my new baby boy. I’d been in the hospital for a week, and I was exhausted. You know that new mom exhaustion? The- wow-I-can’t-believe-I-ever-thought-I-was-tired-before-this-please-hook-me-up-to-an-IV-of-coffee- tired? I was that. And a hormonal, emotional mess. I’d had a tough pregnancy, a tough induction, and a tough delivery. I wanted […]

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Mom vs Mom: Why Do Moms Judge Each Other?

Let me paint a picture for you.  I’m holding a newborn.  My apartment is dark and I’m sitting in a red bucket chair.  I’m trying desperately to breastfeed and it’s just not working.  The baby is wailing; she’s making a sound that stuck in my ears for years. A terrible, sad sound of desperation.  My […]

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Letter to my First Born, On Mother's Day (1)

To My First Born, On Mother’s Day

For the past two years, I’ve gone through the motions of new motherhood with what I wish was grace, but unfortunately wasn’t always the case. I often forgot what day it was, barely surviving your teething, sick, fussy days. Counted down the minutes until bedtime, until that well-deserved glass of Cabernet. I have a secret: […]

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