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the night I gave in to sleep regression

The Night I Gave In To The Sleep Regression

  My son’s sleep patterns have always been a bit of a challenge: starting very rough, smoothing out when he first moved to his crib, then hitting the four-month-old sleep regression that didn’t end until we started sleep training at eight months. And now, we’re in the midst of a teething-induced sleep regression. Last night, I […]

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October 5 – 10: International Babywearing Week

When my son was born, he, like most babies, wanted to be held and nursed all day long.  Generally, he would only sleep in arms or laying on a loving family member’s chest, and he required all of my emotional energy all of the time.  Experts call this phase the fourth trimester, and the snuggles that […]

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An Open Letter To My “Kid Free” Friends

Dearest Kid Free Friend, I’m sorry.   We can’t be friends anymore.  Not right now, anyway. I have to break up with you. Yes, I am talking to you, the one who went out to a bar until two o’clock last night, slept until ten-thirty and is now sitting at a bistro with a tiny espresso […]

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Being a Mom – A Definition and a Way of Life

Being a Mom/Mother is a very distinct title that women handle with passion, persistence, strength, and most importantly, with love. That being said, I sometimes feel like I want to just throw my hands up in the air and say “I DON’T WANNA DO ANYTHING TODAY!” Do you ever feel like you just don’t want […]

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8 Tips for Motivating Reluctant Readers

School is back in session!  As a former special education teacher, I know that this may not be a favorite time of year for many reluctant readers.  However, as kids advance through school, being a competent reader becomes a necessary and important skill.  Homework most nights includes reading for 20-30 minutes.  And with Common Core standards, even math requires students to read word […]

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Four Teacher Skills For Parents

The number of decisions we have to make as parents is astounding. For me, it’s not the big ones that seem to weigh on me like a ton of bricks.  Whether to breastfeed, which daycare to use, or when to have a second child – these decisions may have high stakes but they feel manageable. […]

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