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Back To School

Transition Tips From a Teacher For teachers, parents and students alike those three words, back to school, can either be exciting or anxiety producing.  There’s so much to do to get ready and such pressure to make the beginning of the year go smoothly.  The following tips are meant to help ease the transition from […]

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from Crazy to Calm

We will never achieve true vitality if we can’t control our own stress and anxiety. I learned this the hard way, after becoming a mom and finding myself drowning in my own anxiety for the first time in my life. Yes, I loved my children and my life, but I wasn’t loving me, because I […]

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Spotlight on Westchester: Peekskill

One of the new up and coming areas of Westchester is Peekskill, located right on the Hudson. In northern Westchester, Peekskill, a friendly city, has a small town feel, with big city amenities. With all of the new changes being made daily, Peekskill certainly has a ton of family friendly activities to enjoy.  What to […]

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Why Isn’t Your Child The Same As You?

Raising My Biracial Daughters In A World Where People Say Whatever They Want My family portrait may be a little unconventional.  There are only three people in it, my two daughters and myself.  My girls have beautiful, thick brown hair and skin the color of a caramel latte.  I, on the other hand, have skin […]

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The 8 Best Breastfeeding Products for New Moms

Nursing my babies is, without doubt, one of my favorite things about motherhood.  I adore the bonding experience.  I also take great pride in knowing that not only did I make these kids from scratch, but I sustain them for months on end with nothing but my own body.  It’s truly an every day miracle. […]

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Still summer

Hold Up! Not All Parents are Ready for School to Start

By the time August rolls around, most parents seem to be willing the days away and begging for school to begin.   The gist of the pictures and comments on social media parents basically read – “When are the kids returning to school?! Ahh!”  Maybe you’ve seen this recent article and picture?! Admittedly this picture made me snort laugh, however […]

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