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12 Shockingly Super Easy Holiday Sugar Cookies

I am always surprised (and very pleased) when complimented for my decorative holiday sugar cookies. I always tell people that they could probably do it, too, because it really isn’t as hard as it looks. In this post, I will share with you 12 easy designs that can be enhanced to fit anyone’s skill level. […]

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A Tree Full of Memories {Our Christmas Tradition}

This story begins back in December 2001.  Before we were married, and dating a little short of a year, my husband and I had spent an afternoon baking cookies in preparation of Christmas.  We had such a fun (and delicious!) day.  If you ask me what I got him that year for Christmas, the only thing that either […]

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teach your kids to be givers

This Holiday Season, Teach Your Kids to be Givers

My household experiences what I like to call the “Triple Whammy” at the end of each year: one daughters’ birthday three days before Christmas, followed by the holidays, followed by the other daughter’s birthday shortly thereafter.  After which point, a quick perusal through our home would lead you to believe that Amazon Prime had a […]

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holiday angst 2

Holiday Angst, Part 2: Are You Worried Your Little Elves Are Getting S-“Elf”-ish This Holiday Season?

This post is the second of three in an “Ask The Expert” Series on holiday emotions. Coren Schwartz, LCSW is a practicing psychotherapist in Westchester County. For more information, visit Do you have a question you’d like Coren to address? Let us know!Naughty or Nice? Each holiday season, children are asked to write a […]

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Hot mess holiday contest

WCMB Hot Mess Holiday: A Real Look at Holiday Moments

It’s that time of year… Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are flooded with pictures of angelic kids smiling up at Santa, homemade cookies that would make Pinterest proud, and specially wrapped gifts that look too good to open. I mean, that’s what the holidays look like for all of us, right? Wrong! We want to see what the […]

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