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For the Love of Chocolate

For the Love of Chocolate

There’s nothing quite like the high of love. Blissful, comforting, and satisfying, love makes us feel good. But did you know that chocolate can yield us some of the same effects? I’m sure this comes as no surprise for all you chocolate lovers out there. Why else does it lure you in for repeated encounters? […]

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what's the most important minunte of your life

What’s the Most Important Minute of Your Life?

I watched a TED talk on YouTube recently (love TED talks and YouTube) and the lecturer, Dr. Rick Hanson, reminded me of a very important lesson that can so easily be forgotten in our often demanding days as parents. He asked “What’s the most important minute of your life?” And I sat there thinking about it… […]

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The Nutrients Growing, Resilient Kids Need

Let’s face it, we all want to feed our kids the nutrients they need in order to grow into healthy, strong, and resilient people. I don’t think there’s a parent out there who would say otherwise. Yet in this information packed world of ours, even a trip to the grocery store can be confusing. The answer to what to […]

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Mother with daughter (6-11 months) in living room

Dear Mom Who Feels She’s Never Enough,

Dear Mom Who Feels She’s Never Enough, Please know you’re not alone. You probably didn’t even see it coming, because it’s in the small details. We run largely on auto-pilot. We have to. We couldn’t function in our modern world without this ability. It would be too overwhelming to process ALL we do. For example, […]

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