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Farmer’s Market Joys and 7 Tips for the Savvy Shopper

Farm to table gets real when you shop at your local farmers markets. The seasonal and sustainable products are an ideal way to nourish yourself with items that are good for you and good for the farmers who gain your support. For me, it’s a pleasure to stroll through one of the many farmers markets […]

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mother scolding child

Shame Versus Guilt and WHY Words (especially with children) Matter

When your child does something wrong that needs correcting, what words do you choose? As I’m entering my age of awareness, I’m becoming increasingly sticky with words, because words matter. They carry with them an energy that’s directly conveyed to the recipient. When the message is positive, it enlighten’ s our senses and brings delight. […]

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pregnant pondering

Why I Chose Homebirth

I’m not writing this article for praise, opinions or debate. I’m not suggesting there’s any right way to give birth, because the truth is, in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is the health of the mother and child. Period. I’m writing it simply to share my experience, perhaps lend some insight to the […]

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For the Love of Chocolate

For the Love of Chocolate

There’s nothing quite like the high of love. Blissful, comforting, and satisfying, love makes us feel good. But did you know that chocolate can yield us some of the same effects? I’m sure this comes as no surprise for all you chocolate lovers out there. Why else does it lure you in for repeated encounters? […]

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what's the most important minunte of your life

What’s the Most Important Minute of Your Life?

I watched a TED talk on YouTube recently (love TED talks and YouTube) and the lecturer, Dr. Rick Hanson, reminded me of a very important lesson that can so easily be forgotten in our often demanding days as parents. He asked “What’s the most important minute of your life?” And I sat there thinking about it… […]

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