Passionate About the Westchester County Area
and the Moms Who Live Here
home garden

Prepping your Home Garden

As the winter draws near, our homes keep us busy with fall cleanup! Aside from clearing the leaves, pruning plants and getting our home ready for the cold of the winter, it is easy to overlook the home garden. If you want a successful garden for the next growing season, there are things we should […]

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I still cry for my mom

I still cry for my mom

This is going to be hard for me to write. Hard for me to admit. Anyone who knows me says that I keep a wall around myself. Something that will protect me in case anything happens. Just so I don’t get attached or hurt. I hardly let anyone into my life. I have been hurt […]

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And God Created Mom-Friends

In this season of being thankful for all the blessings in our lives, I am most grateful for my tribe of mom-friends. These are the women of the “It takes a village ilk,” who live and breathe the mantra down to their very cells. Mom-friends know what it’s like. They have mommy-instincts and a radar […]

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I remember when my oldest daughter was born. Like many (all?) expectant mothers, I was a bit of a Nervous Nelly. I slept on top of an old beach towel from about my sixth month of pregnancy just in case my water broke. I stashed bottles of hand sanitizer all over my house, in every […]

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Bringing Back Family Game Nights

Let’s put those screens down and play some new board games! When we go to visit extended family over the holidays, every kid/teen is glued to some sort of screen. Either playing Minecraft, checking their Social Media, or doing some weird poses for selfies. The adults are pretty much the same way. This holiday season, […]

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